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Who I Am and What I Do

I am a writer, historian, and educator. But mostly, a writer. I have been crafting narratives since the fourth grade and my first story about heroic white blood cells destroying evil tonsillitis bacteria. (If I recall correctly, this epic battle may even have been illustrated in crayon).

 As a historian, I write about some of the darkest episodes in our nation’s past, and try to make sense of them.

 As an educator, I am constantly writing new course materials, emails, and feedback for students. I most recently wrote a series of weekly announcements for my online classes featuring lists of “Fascinating Facts” about early American history and U.S. presidents (sixteen in all – eight for History I and eight for History II). These have received rave reviews from students so far, and I also occasionally share them on my blog.

 As a writer and editor for hire, I am laser-focused on striving to achieve and surpass my clients’ vision and goals for their biography, memoir, family history, or book.

 My work habits are probably a little bit obsessive. Once I start a major project, like a video or book, I tend to just work on it for hours at a time until I finally tear myself away – then start over again the next day. I really just love writing and creating – it’s the greatest entertainment in the world. However, I excel at prioritizing multiple tasks and responsibilities, and can turn around shorter projects very quickly as needed.

Where I Started

My career began in corporate and professional environments, where I absorbed considerable general knowledge about business writing, and also helped produce geotechnical engineering and environmental reports and legal documents, including complaints, answers, motions, requests for production, interrogatories, trial memos, etc.  

I then took a continuing-ed course in medical terminology, and this ultimately led me to return to college and complete a BA, MA and PhD in History.

Twenty Years of Writing and Teaching

My first article in a peer-reviewed journal was accepted for publication while I was still an undergraduate, and subsequently won the Bert M. and Janet Fireman Prize from the Western History Association. This article, “The Wild, Wild Web: The Mythic American West and the Electronic Frontier,” has been cited by a wide variety of books, magazine and journal articles, theses, and dissertations in many different fields.  

I have also published journal articles, book chapters, book reviews, and encyclopedia articles about U.S. history. I received the Irene Ledesma Prize from the Coalition for Western Women’s History for my work on women as victims and perpetrators of lynching and extralegal violence in the U.S. West.  

I have been an educator for nearly fifteen years. Many of my students have praised my responsiveness to their communications and individual issues, and the content, design and organization of my courses.  

The comments below are from anonymous surveys of my online courses between Spring 2017 and Fall 2018. The students were responding to the questions, “What did you enjoy most about this course?” and “What changes or improvements would you suggest?” I truly have not received a single negative review for any of these courses except a couple of mild complaints that “the questions are too hard.” Click on the right bracket to scroll through the reviews.

I treat my clients with the same professionalism and dedication to achieving the best possible results in their writing projects.

Personal and Family History Is American History

I continue to write about U.S. history, including work on a book manuscript, but I am increasingly driven to write for and communicate with a general audience. I seek to make history feel immediate, alive, and deeply personal and to write life and family histories that also speak to future generations. Biographies, memoirs, and family histories are the fabric of American history and will be immensely valuable to professional historians in decades to come. 

As an American historian, I specialize in painting a vivid and accurate picture of the major events, people, and trends that impacted and shaped the lives of your ancestors. I tease out the fascinating historical details that illustrate an era and illuminate a person’s life story. Your life or family history will be an entertaining, emotional, and gripping narrative that celebrates you and your family as central characters in a great American story.

Freelance Writing and Ghostwriting

 I can write in a wide range of voices and styles, including scripts for promotional and instructional videos, web articles and blog posts.

As part of an ongoing effort to expand my creative and professional horizons, I have been exploring the potential of video to engage and educate a wider audience. I recently started a video newsletter and will be developing content for it on a monthly basis.  

Please see my portfolio for my publications and other published work, including ebooks and videos, and my résumé for a detailed summary of my education and professional accomplishments.

Work With Me

Contact me to work with a writer and/or editor who will focus on the achievement of your vision for your family history, biography, memoir, book, ebook, or other piece of content. Call (469) 559-5107 or use the form below to send an email message: