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Celebrate Your Family's Great American Story

Every American family has a history, a complex and meaningful story of people and places, triumphs and tragedies. Who are the legendary ancestors? Why did they come here - war, famine, religious persecution, the chance for a new life? How did your great-grandparents meet and fall in love?

What are your family's songs, jokes, special occasions, silly or sentimental memorabilia? What is the heart of your family's American story?

What would you like your children, grand-children and future generations to know and understand about your family's heritage? Record your loved ones' memories and stories while you still have the opportunity. Don't let your family's legacy be lost forever.  

A family poses for a portrait in Georgia around 1900. Via Ragtime at Duke.

Professional Family Histories by an Award-Winning Historian and Writer

As a professional historian and award-winning writer, I am powerfully equipped to research and write your family's American story. I hold a BA, MA and PhD and specialize in U.S. History. Please see my portfolio for my publications and my CV for my qualifications and experience.  

I will organize your family's saga into a vivid and captivating tale of men, women and children striving and succeeding, struggling and persevering over decades and across generations. I will situate the characters in their time periods with relevant historical facts and fascinating details that will illuminate their lives and choices. Your family biography will be researched, analyzed and written like the classic chronicles of dynasties such as the Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, or Kennedys. It will be an empathetic, instantly recognizable portrait of another great American family: yours.

Your Family's History is an American Story

Ultimately, your family's  history is American history. Future historians will draw upon such narratives to analyze and understand important aspects of our own time and culture. Your family biography will not only be a cherished heirloom, it will also make a genuine contribution to the larger histories of your hometown, state, and nation. You and your family will become an integral part of these stories, preserving your family's place in American history for generations to come.

Available in Multiple Formats

Your family's saga can take multiple forms according to your needs and purposes. Each of these options has distinct advantages and features. A digital book is a more budget-friendly option which can include images and is easily portable. A professionally printed and bound book with color photos is a handsome and prestigious addition to your coffee table or library, and adds a rewarding tactile dimension and permanence which makes it especially suitable for gifts or mementos. High definition, professional quality videos can be created and produced easily with modern software and distributed widely via email or hosted on YouTube or other video sites.  A relatively simple but beautifully designed family history website offers the opportunity to establish a collaborative, multi-generational platform that links your family across time and space. You can choose any or all of the following options: 

  • PDF file

  • Book

  • Ebook

  • Video

  • Website

A Family Biography is a Thoughtful Gift Idea!

A professionally written and produced  chronicle that celebrates your nearest and dearest as well as your extended kinfolk and clan is always a suitable and thoughtful gift or commemoration for all family celebrations and special occasions:

  • Birthdays

  • Anniversaries

  • Holidays

  • Family Reunions

Your Family Biography Begins with a Fast, Free Consultation

My twin passions are writing and American history and I am always enthralled by the grit, passion and heart of the people and families at the core of our national story. I will approach your project with scholarly objectivity, respect and sensitivity. We will work together to achieve your vision and you will decide the scope and parameters of the final product.

Contact me for a free consultation and LET'S GET STARTED TODAY on your family's great American story.

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