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Fast, Easy, Convenient U.S. History Exam Question Packs Save You HOURS of Valuable Time!


Never worry about exams again! If you teach U.S. history at any level, what do you need above all (besides better pay and benefits, of course)? You need more time to enjoy your life (or to work your second or third job), and to spend much less time on crucial but labor-intensive tasks like writing and revising multiple choice exams. 

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use the Question Packs to create either a paper quiz or a Blackboard quiz in just a few minutes!

There are valid criticisms of multiple choice exams; however, they are also an invaluable tool for freeway-flying adjuncts and others with large course loads. They are easy to administer and easy to grade. They furnish useful snapshots of student understanding of the course materials. The real challenge is to write questions which move beyond simplistic rote recall of facts and dates to probe student understanding of the larger causes and outcomes of historical events.

But if you have tried to write multiple choice exams yourself, you know that this process can be surprisingly difficult and time-consuming. Thus, many instructors try to obtain pre-written questions, called test banks, from the the publisher of the textbook they are using.

No More Hassles with Inaccessible, Poorly Written, Non-LMS-Compatible Test Banks

If you are using one of the many commercial U.S. History textbooks, test banks are usually available for them; however, these may sometimes be problematic:

  • Costs: First, these commercial textbooks are usually quite expensive for the students; however, an excellent FREE alternative, the OpenStax U.S. History textbook, is readily available and easy to download. Assigning a free textbook will save your students a significant amount of money and may give your courses an enrollment edge.

  • Inaccessibility: Second, and rather ironically, in my own experience attempting to obtain the OpenStax U.S. History textbook materials, commercial textbook test banks may be impossible to access unless you are a full-time faculty member at a college or university with your name on an "official" web page somewhere. So I wrote my own questions instead and now I am sharing them with others who might find themselves in a similar situation.

  • Lesser Quality: Third, and again from my own attempts to use certain commercial textbooks for several courses, in fact the test bank questions may not always be of the highest quality. Poorly written questions and confusing answers can lead to student frustration and poor performance on exams.

  • Unusable Files Not Compatible with Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle: Finally, and once more from my own experience, the test bank questions may be presented in a format which is virtually unusable. Typically you must spend hours revising and converting them into files which can only then be deployed to create paper exams or imported into your online Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle course.

Now You Can Download, Unzip, and Begin Using the U.S. History I and II Exam Question Packs in Minutes

Now you can create your multiple choice exams in minutes, online or offline, with fast, easy, and convenient Exam Question Packs for U.S. History I and II.

  • Each easy to use and convenient package includes sixteen sets of 25 multiple choice exam questions.

    • U.S. History I covers the period through the Civil War and Reconstruction (OpenStax U.S. History, chapters 1 – 16)

    • U.S. History II begins with the end of Reconstruction in 1877 and extends up to the present day (OpenStax U.S. History, chapters 17 – 32)

  • All of the included Word files are presented in a clean and minimal format that permits you to create your paper exams from them in just minutes.

  • All of the included Blackboard, Canvas, and Moodle files are pre-formatted for direct import into your online courses

    • The Blackboard files are formatted for both Tests and Pools

    • The Canvas files are in QTI 2.1 format

    • The Moodle files are in Aiken format

Professionally Designed, Classroom-Tested, Assessment-Ready History Question Sets

These question sets have been designed, written, and used successfully by a U.S. History instructor with a B.A., M.A., Ph.D. and nearly fifteen years of experience teaching traditional "face to face," online, and hybrid courses at private and public universities and community colleges. Read more about the reasons why I created the Exam Question Packs and decided to share them with my teaching colleagues here.

The questions in each set have been rigorously designed to perform three specific functions:

  • Integrate seamlessly with the FREE OpenStax U.S. History textbook. Each chapter of the textbook features a list of terms (usually 10 to 13 items) which are bolded throughout the text. All of the sets include multiple-choice questions designed to evaluate student understanding of all of these bolded terms. The remaining questions in each set of 25 have all been crafted specifically to assess student comprehension of other important concepts, people, and events in each chapter.

  • Evaluate student understanding of the major historical facts in every period. However, the emphasis is on the learner’s grasp of the “big picture” and the why and how of crucial events and developments, and not merely rote knowledge such as dates or obscure details.

  • Adapt to use with nearly any other U.S. history course. Most of the questions address basic student comprehension of the significant events, people, and ideas which are usually included in any standard study of the nation’s past.

Satisfy Required Assessments
: Quizzes and exams based on the question sets also may be used to satisfy instructor requirements to assess “core objectives” such as “Critical Thinking" or “Social Responsibility.”

Create Your First Quiz or Exam in Minutes!

Get your first BCS Exam Question Pack today, and your first multiple choice quiz or exam could be completed in less than an hour. It's as fast and easy as downloading a file that contains both Word files for creating paper exams, and .zip and .txt files which are pre-formatted so they may be directly imported into your Blackboard, Canvas, or Moodle course. 


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