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Celebrating Your American Life Story

Everyone has at least one mountain to climb in his or her life, and a story to tell about it. What is yours? 

You have probably overcome multiple challenges and obstacles on your life's journey. What could others learn from your accomplishments and achievements? 

What do you want your children and grandchildren to know about you, your struggles and your triumphs? A detailed, engaging biography, memoir, or which tell your authentic tales in your distinctive voice will be cherished as an heirloom by your family and perpetuate your legacy.

Or perhaps you are seeking a professionally-written biography or autobiography to inform and engage clients and customers. 

Life Histories Crafted by a Professional, Award-Winning Historian and Writer

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As a professional historian and award-winning writer, I am powerfully equipped to research and write your American story. I hold a BA, MA and PhD and specialize in U.S. History. Please see my portfolio for my publications and my CV for my qualifications and experience. I can accurately and sensitively situate your life history in the larger drama of the national story during your lifetime. Your life story will "read" like the biography or memoir of a famous historical figure, widely-known entrepreneur or celebrity, but it will be a sympathetic, empathetic, instantly recognizable portrait of you.

Henri Matisse. "Woman in a Purple Coat," 1937.

Henri Matisse. "Woman in a Purple Coat," 1937.

Your Life History is an American Story

Ultimately, your life story is deeply embedded in American history. Personal histories are especially valuable because they illuminate the time in which you lived from your unique, individual perspective. Future historians are very likely to draw upon such texts to explain our current society and culture. Your autobiography or memoir will make a genuine contribution to the larger histories of your hometown, state, and nation. You and your family will become an integral part of these stories, preserving your place in American history for generations to come.

Available in Multiple Formats

Your personal history can take multiple forms according to your needs and purposes. Each of these options has distinct advantages and features. A digital book is a more budget-friendly option which can include images and is easily portable. A professionally printed and bound book with color photos is a handsome and prestigious addition to your coffee table or library, and adds a rewarding tactile dimension and permanence which makes it especially suitable for gifts or mementos. High definition, professional quality videos can be created and produced easily with modern software and distributed widely via email or hosted on YouTube or other video sites.  A relatively simple but beautifully designed website offers the opportunity to publish your story on a platform that reaches your readers across time and space. You can choose any or all of these options:

  • PDF file

  • Book

  • Ebook

  • Video

  • Website

Your Life History Begins with a Free Consultation

My twin passions are writing and American history and I will approach your project with scholarly objectivity, respect and sensitivity. We will work together to achieve your vision and you will decide the scope and parameters of the final product.

Contact me for a free consultation and LET'S GET STARTED TODAY on your great American story.

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